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First Steps to Web Development

Ruby, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Ruby On Rails

Web development demystified

You are a very good computer user. You know how to browse on Internet, edit documents on your favorite rich text editor, exchange e-mails, subscribe to newsletters, Skype with your friends. You have a Facebook account or a Twitter one. And...

You always wanted to know how this machine does so many things. You always wanted to start understanding those strange people called developers or programmers.

But you didn't know where to start from.

This is your start.

We will go step by step to understand what a computer program is. We will get acquainted with stuff like databases and web pages, HTML and CSS. And we will build our first web application.

It is a rather long journey, but you will get too much out of it. And I promise!

You can make it!


Finally on Ruby: An instructor that helps students become instructors! This is an excellent guide on programming in general and an excellent way to easily learn the Ruby and Ruby on Rails approach to Programming. The instructor has not only the knowledge but also the will and the WAY to pass the knowledge! Well prepared, well presented, well delivered training material! Many THANKS!
Really thorough. I've went through this course. Panayotis really knows his stuff and explains the different elements of Web Development step by step. I know I have much more to learn, but this has been a great introduction for me.
Perfect course. I acquired basic knowledge on a broad range of programming tools. It enables further study. Thank you very much!
Very good course. Good organization. Perfect tutor. We thank you very much.
It is really worth taking! I definitely recommend it!
Very interesting course. Tutor is very detailed and with much patience to explain everything. It can be followed by people that do not belong to the IT world. But basic computer skills are required.
I hope for more such courses in the future!
Very interesting course on Ruby and Rails intro. It is very obvious that if one gets acquainted with the Ruby vocabulary the process is simplified.
Scroll down to find out how you can start your computer programming personal development!

Course Overview


This course is about computer programming and web development. It starts with the basics and goes to more advanced topics.

  • Setup

    You will setup your programming environment. I give you detailed instructions on how to do it. Mostly is pre-configured and ready for you to start creating computer programs immediately.

  • Linux

    You will have the chance to learn the basics of Linux, the very famous operating system, similar to Mac OS. Even if you are a Windows user, you will not have problem following this course, because we will install a Linux machine inside your Windows machine. This will give you the chance to learn about virtual machines and how useful they can be to development.

  • Ruby

    You will learn Ruby, one of the most popular programming languages, very easy to learn and start writing your programs with the least effort. I am giving you lots of lectures on Ruby with lots of hands-on exercises.

  • MySQL

    You will learn MySQL, a very popular RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). MySQL principles and how we design a robust database to save our data persistently. You will learn SQL commands like select, insert, update and delete.

  • HTML

    You will learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and how you can write your own web pages. We will see all the basic elements, like html, body, headers, tables, divs e.t.c. You will also learn how to create interactive HTML pages with forms.

  • CSS

    You will learn the basics of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These are documents that give instructions to web browser how to style our web pages. In other words, what font to use, what color for the text, what color for the background and more.

  • Ruby on Rails and Web Applications

    You will learn how to start building your own web applications, using one of the most popular web application frameworks, Ruby on Rails. You will start by creating the database and then the forms to allow the user to interact with your application. You will actually design and build a Bookstore application, that stores Authors and Books.

Your Tutor

Panayotis Matsinopoulos

Senior Software Engineer

I own a Computer Science Degree from University of Athens and an MSc in Telecommunications from University College London

I love software engineering. I am passionate about my job. I find it the most creative job that one could have.

After a long software engineering life that started with C/C++, then went to Java and then to .NET Visual Basic/C#, the last 4 years, I have been developing web applications using Ruby on Rails.

I believe that Ruby on Rails dramatically increased my web application development skills. REST, HTTP, testing and the whole family of tools around it tremendously improved the quality of code I deliver.

I am always willing to take new challenges on big projects. My biggest reward is not the money that I get, but the software that I create when it makes their users happy to use it.

My current programming work includes the following:

  • Chief Technology Officer at Book&Table.

    I am designing and developing a Ruby on Rails application using PostgreSQL as a database backend.

  • Senior Software Engineer at Fraudpointer

    This is another Web application using the Ruby on Rails Web framework, with MySQL as a backend database

  • Senior Software Engineer at Wyngle.

    This is also a Web application that is using Ruby on Rails. Here, I am implementing the backend database using Riak, which is a distributed NoSQL database.


While I am working on real projects, I like to teach computer programming. I have taught to many kids and adults, either on-line or in classrooms. I am also teaching in private one-on-one style. In order to teach on-line I am using latest distance teaching technologies that render teaching as if I were sitting on the same desk with my students!

You can read more about me on my blog, here!

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction and Setup of Development Environment

  • What does this Course Cover?
  • What is a Computer Program?
  • Numbering Systems
  • Install Oracle Virtual Box and Import Virtual Box Appliance
  • Working with Linux Operating System

Section 2 - Programming with Ruby

  • Ruby Hello World
  • Ruby Get Started
  • Assignment, Operators, Integers, Decimals & Constants
  • Text & Strings
  • Getting Input & Sending Output
  • Boolean Logic and Boolean Operators
  • Conditional and Logical Operators and Control Program Flow
  • Loops and Repetitions
  • Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Symbols and Hashes
  • Function Definitions and Arguments
  • Function Return Value and Recursive Functions
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • Classes Objects and Inheritance
  • Hands-on Experience on Classes & Objects
  • Method Visibility

Section 3 - Relational Database Management Systems - MySQL

  • Presentation about RDBMS's
  • Manage MySQL Server
  • SQL - Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • Identity Columns and Indexes
  • Counting and Sorting Records, Limiting Results
  • SQL and Foreign Key Constraints
  • Advanced SQL Queries

Section 4 - Web Development - HTML & CSS

  • Introduction to Web Development
  • HTML Hello World and HTML Basic Structure
  • Paragraphs, Horizontal Lines, Comments & Lists
  • HTML Tables
  • Dividing HTML page with divs
  • Interactive HTML
  • More Interactive HTML
  • Styling HTML page with CSS

Section 5 - Dynamic Web Applications with Ruby on Rails

  • Bundler
  • Bootstrap with Ruby on Rails
  • Database Schema Migrations for Authors
  • Database Schema Migrations for Books
  • Roll back Schema Migrations
  • Rails Models and Rails Console
  • Data Validations
  • Start and stop Rails Server & Rails Architecture
  • Replace Default RoR Welcome Page
  • Implementing the List of Authors Page
  • Implementing a Page to Create Authors
  • User Friendly Error Messages
  • Edit and Update Actions
  • Sharing Code between Views using Partials
  • Deleting a Resource
  • Books and Associations to Authors

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